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What fuels me to write? 

My mission is to get more people interested in cybersecurity and to encourage those who want to make a career change into cybersecurity and to learn more about the industry as a whole. One very important target group for me is women, because there are less than 20 % of us working in the industry.

I wish to write the way that everyone can understand and explaining everything from scratch. Blogs will be in Finnish and English, sometimes Finglish. English is my second, well actually third language, so typos will exist for sure. Try to handle it. :) 

I am not very technical yet, but Iam learning the basics of hacking at Future Female x HelSec Cybersecurity Essential Program. I hope writing helps me to understand and learn more about the industry and I can answer the same questions I have been asked frequently at my school or courses and trainings I have hosted. 

Topics can be anything from learning technical stuff, giving tips to anything related to the industry, awareness for all computer users, infosec event reviews etc.

You can also contact me and suggest topics or themes. I have more than 20 topics already in mind.

Here are a few of them: Introduction to Shodan, the #infosec organizations you should be aware of (SANS, NIST etc. ), National Computer Emergency Response Team – what are they and what they do?, what is CIA triad, ISO 27001 and other certificates you should be aware of, forensic – the basics everyone, what are bug bounty programs and how can I participate, framework introduction: Mitre Atta&ck, the most important certificates in #infosec, what is OWASP?, why cybersecurity professionals should stop talking cybersecurity jargon.

If you wish to contribute and share your knowledge with me and other readers, please be in touch! In the future, I have plan to interview industry pro’s. 

This blog is my hobby.


Cybersecurity Professional during the day and community builder/leader by night. I am one of the leaders of Future Female. The Future Female is a network that encourages women to work in the tech industry. 

I am available to be hired as a speaker. Topics I often cover are, social engineering, cybersecurity awareness such as tips for increasing online safety, crisis communication, algorithms and bad sides of social media, information operations etc.    

You can reach me at

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