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Curious and Passionate about Cybersecurity

Welcome to my Exploring #infosec -blog site! My very own passion project filled with details about information security and cybersecurity. I have worked for the industry for less than a year and my knowledge about what I don't know and what I would love to know expands on a weekly basis.

I have noticed that there are lot of people like me in the same situation, people who want to access the industry without a technical background and struggling on how to get started. I hope that I can help you to get started.

Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps blog will ignite your own passions as well and you can learn something new. 

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Where to study Cybersecurity in Finland?

Is studying a cybersecurity a way to land a job in cybersecurity? Yes and no! NO - If you are technical enough, no degree is needed. Just...

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